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Post by masukaze on Mon May 14, 2012 8:01 am

Last tuesday McLargeHuge went inside Sweet Apple Acres insuspiciously to decreasingly become ambidextrous eating 25 baked honorary candyapples. Suddenly membership fees turned out materializing Fluttershy wearing a hat demoralizer, "TF2!"

Then, Discord claimed Claymores, lucky he stimmed his arms against Djungelvral, "BUCK it!", reclaiming the controls, he decided that origaminizing his controllers flabbergasted enemies which caused the inevitable underpants gnome to cryogenically froze the molten candyapples. Extraordinarly he ate 'em whole! After 10967 Terraseconds later, Discord reinvigorated the majority of his plotholes so that testimonials would feel alementally illogic when mandatory facehooves would deteriorate the synopsis of the patriarchic system of a supplyblocked Pegasopolis. Down sideways, 'EAST-SIDE!', Motherbucker~ sunshine, grass and celery stalks' Repository, PILLS!

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