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Post by Luna on Tue Mar 06, 2012 11:08 am

What is this?
Well, this is the forum for PLG(Princess Luna Gaming) clan/community. And the purpose of PLG is to gather like minded people and have fun on XBL. The main system will be the Xbox 360 but we're not just limited to that, PS3 and PC gamers are also welcomed.

The purpose was to have XBL bronies gather together and have people in their friends list that are also bronies. PLG is clan/community that will NOT spread hate or flames but will show that there are good people online.

How do I join the clan?
It's easy! Just sign up on the forum, add a couple of people from here, and play some games with them! The main people you want to add are me(Pinkie Pie 808) and some of the other moderators.

What if I don't own XBL and/or PSN, but I still want to be apart of the forum?
That is perfectly okay. The forum is here for bronies and clan members. So you can be apart of the forum but not in the clan. It is highly suggested that if you do have XBL and want to play with some bronies, then to add us.

Is there anything else I should know?
Just have fun!

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