Hello, and this is my intro

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Hello, and this is my intro Empty Hello, and this is my intro

Post by masukaze on Wed Mar 07, 2012 9:03 am

Name: James Clancy

XBL username: masukaze1337 (not used much)

origin(bf3): will edit in later

Steam: masukaze

WoW: failtiel on alliance side of echo isles, i started 2 MLP related arena teams (brohoof and The New Lunar Republic) message me if u want my realid, im always looking for more brony friends!

Favorite Pony: LUNA IS BEST PONY, then fluttershy, then Fluer (after reading a few fics where she wasnt made into an airhead ill link in ps)

What do you do(for the community): Spread love, and tolerance and convince people to watch the show and tell my story to hopefully help those who are depressed, to give them the chance i got because of MLP: FiM

How did you become a brony: This is a story i love telling, mainly cause if i hadnt watched MLP i wouldnt be alive today. I had been making a plan to kill my self for a few weeks, i had the day set, and it was the night before, i was watching youtube videos, passing the time, and i came across a kitsune^2 remix, avast fluttershys ass, for what ever reason i clicked on it, and i had to know why everyone was so happy, so accepting of everyone. I watched the first episode, then the 2nd. at the end of the 2nd i realized 1000 years may be along time to be gone, but at least luna could come back, my freinds, my family would never get me back, it would be selfish to kill my self. from there i watched a few more episodes, and over time my depression started to just go away, i came off my meds, and i was fine. it was early on that i decided that luna was my favorite, at that point in time, i was kind of in an exile of my own, i had just dropped out of college, and i would sleep and go on the computer in my room, and repeat, i was falling in to a hole of depression that MLP:FiM brought me out of, it helped me make new friends, and it literally saved my life.

Any other info about you: um... I... I cried when i was typeing out how i became a brony... yeah says it all

the stories on Mlpfiction cause i cant link

Fancy's Fleur by DarkLordFancyPants454

Fleurdeliser by Miyajima

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Hello, and this is my intro Empty Re: Hello, and this is my intro

Post by Luna on Wed Mar 07, 2012 10:01 am

Man, that's pretty awesome! Glad to know that everything is going better then before.

Welcome to the forums!

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